Our Ponies...

Sparky & Delilah are two miniature ponies averaging 36 inches in height.  

They very much enjoy days out from the field meeting people and are very quiet and friendly by nature.

They will stand all day to be made a fuss of!



More about all our Ponies and their environment...


Home to Deliah and Sparky is our Natural Horsemanship Yard on the Surrey/Kent border.


They live in a herd of 8 - Delilah, Sparky, Consueala (Sparky's Mum) and Sonny who is a lovely pony/ shetland mix. The other 4 are the bigger riding ponies we use for our teaching facility - Billy, Beau, Dylan & Sox. They all get along beautifully - they all understand how to live in harmony - with plenty of play time.


They have a large barn which opens out onto a yard which has a track leading down to 2 paddocks which they have access to all 24/7.

They tend to come up to the barn the most when the weather is hot!

They have a very natural lifestyle when they are not 'working or developing'.


The layout promotes plenty of walking which helps keep them fit!  The grass is quite minimal in the field with lots of thistles and nettles which is a great benefit to them all.


The breed originates from The Shetland Isles, North East of mainland Scotland.  They would have had plenty of walking with very little amounts of lush green grass, which is what we try to emulate.  It is not unusual for Shetlands to live more than 30 Years so they have plenty of time to spread happiness.

Delilah is about 5 (2013) and was the first to become trusting of us humans. She loves all people, young and old alike! She never tires of cuddles and scratches.

She loves all natural food, dandelion leaves are a particular favourite.  One thing Delilah doesn't like is being rushed!!

Sparky was born on 25th April 2012 so he is still a 'baby'. Since he was born with us, he has grown up trusting & loving people.

One of his favourite things is to push the wheel barrow over - shame he can't tow it to the muck heap for us!

He loves brambles and thistles but is not very keen on carrots and apples. He must know how important it is to avoid all that sugar - clever little chap :)

Katie Dockery