How can we ensure the ponies don't leave any droppings?


A question everyone wants to ask!  The ponies wear a "Bun Bag" which is very effective at catching droppings.  Whilst we can't guarantee that it is 100% successful we have been very pleased with the results so far.



What Access is Required?


We need to be able to park and manouvre a 4x4 trailer which can be accommodated by most car parking areas.  For the ponies, the requirements are probably little more than for a large dog!  They will happily walk into buildings and along corridors and fit into lifts of sufficient size.


Bedside Visits

What if residents can't get to a central meeting area?


We are more than happy to take the ponies to the resident wherever possible.  They can usually be accommodated in individual rooms and will walk into lifts of sufficient size.


Children & Relatives

Can relatives meet the ponies as well?


Of course!  Young children in particular love meeting the ponies and a visit to a resident can be greatly enhanced by joining in this activity.  It provides a great focal point and from the feedback we have received becomes a much treasured and talked about event.



Can residents feed the pony?


We ask that this only be done under close supervision and not in excess as ponies expecting treats all the time can become pushy and demanding.  We will always ensure that they are adequately rewarded after a visit.  If you would like to contribute to their treat supply, apples, carrots are among the favourites!


Healthy and Clean

How can you ensure that no infection is passed from the pony?


It is not usual for any diseases to be passed from horses to humans.  The ponies are bathed and groomed before each visit.  They are regularly wormed, vaccinated and vet checked.  We ask staff to use their professional discretion in cases where a person’s immunity may be compromised.


Visit Duration

How long does a visit last?


This can vary according to the number of residents wanting to meet the pony and the size of the building. We aim to give everyone – residents, service users, staff and relatives -  sufficient time with the pony to enjoy it and ask questions.  We are often asked for photos to be taken to be used in publicity material and are very happy to oblige with this.



How much does it cost?


We try and keep the cost to an absolute minimum so no-one is excluded.  We are also trying to obtain some funding.  Cost range between £50 - 75 depending on whether we bring 1 or 2 ponies, and the distance from the ponies home in Dormansland, Surrey.  Less than 15 miles and 15-30 miles are the two price brackets.  Hospice visits are free.  Please contact us for more info.