About Us

Sparky as a new born foal.

How It All Began...


Whilst searching for potential ponies for my Natural Horsemanship facility last year - a friend kindly highlighted the plight of some ponies & mini shetlands which were running wild over acres in Coventry.

They were untouched by human hand and in various states of malnutrition.  They were in desperate need of rescuing.


So, 4 ponies later, and 1 in foal, we had some work to do...


What to do with them?


Whilst on Colleen Kelly's Rider Biomechanics course last year, I mentioned the ponies to her and she said when she had been in hospital recently in Australia, and mentioned how brilliant it would have been if mini ponies came in as patting therapy to lift everyone's spririts.  She even had a name in mind - Pat Me - for Patting Assisted Therapy Mini Equines - which she said I could use.


So that was it - and this is the result.


Our Principles...


At PatMe, we see how animals can offer major therapeutic benefits.


Just a few include:


- Sensory touch

- Increased relaxation and well-being

- Promoting social interaction

- An accepting non-judgemental encounter

- Promoting reminiscence

- Involvement for everyone, staff and relatives